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Samsung Smart Cam (SNH-V6410PNW)

*High resolution video
2M (Full HD) helps you to monitor a clearer and brighter video.

*Camera Pan, Tilt
You can move the camera to a desired direction (up, down, left or right) to monitor a wider area.

*Privacy mode
For privacy protection, you can turn off the camera at a desired time automatically.

*Auto tracking
The camera tracks a moving person or object for monitoring.

*Backlight correction
The WDR (wide dynamic range) function can brighten up a dark object which has been affected by the backlight.

*Motion zone detection
If you set a specific area such as entrance or windows, it can monitor movements and send alerts about that area. (max three areas can be set)

*Saving in the memory card
You can save your important moments in the memory card*. A max 128GB memory card may be used. The recorded video can be played using your smart phone or PC viewer anytime anywhere. * Memory card sold separately.

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