tv, audio & video
Samsung S9 Ultra HD TV
Experience the ultimate in picture quality with the Samsung S9. This ultra-high definition 4k 85" TV provides the brightest, clearest images with four times the detail of full HD to deliver a truly immersive viewing experience
Blu-ray Home Entertainment System
Now you can experience truly cinematic listening at home. The Samsung HT-F9750W home entertainment system offers 7.1 surround sound for total immersion, with gan amp and valve amp technology to deliver natural audio with minimum distortion.
First Curved UHD TV
The World's First Curved UHD TV surround your senses and be part of the action Curved screen elevates the feeling of depth UHD up scaling enhances the quality of all of your viewing Pleasing curve design that enhances the UHD experience.
Sometimes a split second makes all the difference. The new Samsung NX300 lets you quickly and perfectly captures every magical moment. With the advanced Hybrid Autofocus system, you can shoot sharp and detailed images more spontaneously than ever.
Samsung Smart Camera
Here’s a smart camera that brings you closer to the action, with easy sharing that also brings you closer to your friends and family. Your Samsung WB250F smart camera offers 18x zoom and a 24mm wide-angle lens for great shots whether you’re near or far away!
computing products
Make the most of an ultra-portable PC that also offers powerful performance. Start up in seconds for maximum productivity and take it anywhere thanks to its slim and lightweight design.
All in One
With the only one, all it takes is a touch or a wave. Control your PC using a range of hand gestures, benefit from ultra-sensitive intuitive 10-finger touch control and enjoy clear viewing from almost anywhere in the room!
Gear S2
Network Cameras
The world’s first dual-edge display was born from a need to create something new. That’s how we built Galaxy S6 edge from the ground up. Now, it's an upgrade. In every sense of the word. It’s Galaxy S6 edge+.
Network Cameras
Bigger has always been better. Galaxy Note proved that time and again. It also changed the entire game with S Pen. A versatile tool for ideas, goals and dreams. This time it's Galaxy Note5. The most powerful and beautiful version to date.
security systems
Network Cameras
Network cameras communicate with monitoring/recording tools via an IP network. Samsung is expanding its line-up of network cameras, based on its excellent technological background, these network cameras, are equipped useful functions.
The Wise Choice for Professionals
The WiseNetIII features the most advanced functions from Samsung with 1.3 megapixel and 2 megapixel cameras for high definition images. Designed to meet the market needs, WiseNetIII cameras will be the standard product for the professional security systems.
home appliances
Quatro Refrigerators
Samsung’s newest refrigerator features an ingenious, counter- height 4th drawer. So even little ones can reach in and get their paws on their own snacks and drinks! Its customizable temperature setting lets you perfectly chill anything from evening hors d’oeuvres to after school juice boxes.
Eco Bubble
Samsung presents Eco Bubble™, the first washing machine to generate special bubbles that penetrate faster into fabrics, making cold water wash like hot water. Save on energy but still get picture perfect results. Also, save your time and energy by washing piles of laundries at once due to a 12kg load capacity.
$149 special offers
Smart Camera- DV150F
$95 special offers
Smart Camera-ES95
$135 special offers
Smart Camera -ST150F
$255 special offers
Smart Camera WB350F
$555 special offers
Galaxy Camera 2
$735 special offers